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Photo album - Mr. Mike, my mom, and me

This is from August of 2008, while I was competing for Miss America Outstanding Teen in Orlando.

These are from Easter and Christmas 2003.

These are from June of 2003, when we visited Blizzard Beach in Florida and took a Disney Cruise. For more pictures, please see the pages with me alone, my mom and me, Mr. Mike and me, and me with the Disney characters.

In June of 2003, we also visited Discovery Cove at Sea World, Florida.

March 2003:

My Mom and Mr. Mike got married in September of 2002. I was part of the celebration. For more pictures from this day, please see the pages with me alone, my mom and me, Mr. Mike and me, and my family.

Our trip to Walt Disney World in 2002 was very memorable. For more pictures from this trip, please see the pages with my mom and me, Mr. Mike and me, me with the Disney characters, and me alone.

These pictures are from 2002, with the second one being at Easter time.

These are from a Florida and South Carolina vacation in November of 2001.

A special day at Mackinac Island in the summer of 2001...

In February of 2001, we took a short trip to Florida.

Easter 2001...

Banff, Canada, was very beautiful. We visited here in June of 2000.

In February of 2000, the "short trip" (except for the flight) was to Hawaii.

Here are some other pictures with Mr. Mike, mom, and me.

Once in a while (ha-ha), we go out to eat. Just another casual day! :)

Featured item

This is from my high school graduation in June 2012.

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Bay City, Michigan USA

This is also from June 2012. Pictured with me is my mom and my brother.

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Michigan USA