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Photo album - Dance

2013-2014 Central Michigan University University Theater Dance Company spring concert:

With 2012-2013 Central Michigan University dance team, during the Universal Dance Association (UDA) National Dance Team Championship, at ESPN Wide World of Sports at Walt Disney World in January 2013:

With 2012-2013 Central Michigan University dance team at Ford Field:

With 2012-2013 Central Michigan University dance team:

July 2012 Starbound National Talent Competition in St. Charles, IL:

May 2012 regional dance competition in Walled Lake, MI:

2012 ...

Video: Dance recital 2012 sampler (17:40)

2011 Kids Artistic Review (KAR) national dance competition:


Video: Dance recital 2011 sampler (7:50)

June 2010 at Kid's Artistic Review (KAR) dance nationals in Toledo, Ohio:

April 2010 Hall of Fame Dance Challenge in Grand Rapids, Michigan:


Video: Dance recital 2010 sampler (6:05)

2009 Showbiz competition:

Video: Performing dance solo Vienna (ballet) (2:13)

Video: Performing dance solo Queen Bee (jazz) (2:29)


Video: Dance recital 2009 sampler (9:25)

2008 dancing at Lion's game:

2008 at Kid's Artistic Review (KAR) dance competition in Schaumburg, Illinois:


Video: Dance recital 2008 sampler (5:03)


Video: Dance recital 2007 sampler (3:30 from tape)


Video: Dance recital 2006 sampler (:26 from tape)

2005 Hall of Fame Dance Challenge in Schaumburg, Illinois:


In November of 2004, I was fortunate to dance with a local performance of the Nutcracker Ballet.


March 2004 - Kids Artistic Review dance competition. In addition to six group numbers (which all got very good awards), I participated in a duet and we got a first place award.


Video: Dance recital 2003 sampler (6:37 from tape)


Video: Dance recital 2002 sampler (7:46 from tape)

2002 Bay Valley dance team:


Video: Dance recital 2001 sampler (5:44 from tape)

2000: Don't they always say the third time is a charm?

1999: Second time around...

My first year of dance (1998)...

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This is from my high school graduation in June 2012.

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Bay City, Michigan USA

This is also from June 2012. Pictured with me is my mom and my brother.

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Michigan USA